Making Orange Peels Useful

My kids love Clementines, a lot. I have always thought the peels smell delicious and it was a shame there wasn’t something I could do with them. Thanks to a Facebook post floating around I now have the perfect solution which also solves my other problem of my vinegar + water + essential oils cleaning solution not smelling so good.

Orange Scented Household Cleaner


  • Put your orange peels (or clementine peels like I did) in a mason jar
  • Fill the mason jar with vinegar
  • Put the lid of the jar on tightly
  • Wait 2 weeks
  • Strain the vinegar and put in your spray bottle

Tah dah! Nice smelling, Green cleaner.

I am thinking of doing a post on all the ways I use my mason jars. How do you use your mason jars?


One response

  1. Love this idea and your website! In terms of this recipe, I can’t wait to try it. I would love a better smelling alternative to the pure vinegar and water mixture I use right now for cleaning.

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