Steps to Get Started

1. Shop with reusable bags. Most stores sell their own or you can use a canvas tote.

2. Use reusable mesh bags for produce
3. Use cloth diapers if you have young children.
4. If you can, find somewhere that sells milk in the glass jars. When you are done drinking the milk, you simply rinse it out and bring it back for the deposit.
5. Composting!
6. Make your own baby food.  I had a Baby Brezza that I really liked and have since gifted to a friend.
7. Try to shop at the Farmer’s Market. This way you are also helping out the local economy!
8. Store your bulk food items (pasta, grains… whatever. ) and meats and cheeses in seal-able glass jars or Tupperware. I like the glass jars personally. I like that they won’t absorb odor or stain.
9. Cleanse your home of all unnecessary and unused items. Craigslist, goodwill, and other thrift stores are a great resource for getting rid of stuff.
10. Make my own household cleaners with natural ingredients and put them in reusable containers.
11. Use actual kitchen towels instead of paper towels.
12. Get rid of the swiffer, hard to do i must admit. But use a reusable mop head! I have even know someone who just puts a towel (wet or dry) on the end of their swiffer so they don’t have to get the disposable pads.
13. Go for quality when buying things. Though it may be cheap now, it will end up in the garbage most of the time.
14. Let’s bring back the handkerchief  No more toilet paper, Kleenex or paper towels for our noses! I use a birdseye cloth diaper that has been cut in half. (never used as an actual diaper of course)
Remember that it is one step at a time. As with anything, if you make too many changes at once it won’t stick. So go slow and be proud for the changes you do make no matter how small.

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